Teen Ministries


“Actively Teaching Teens in Christ” or The ATTIC is the teen ministry at Mackey Church of the Nazarene. In The ATTIC we create an atmosphere that helps teens to build a solid foundation for a Christian life. We do this by having weekly meetings where we study the word of God and the lessons that we can learn to apply to our lives.

The ATTIC is an active ministry that enjoys being involved in many different activities. Some of these include fun nights, summer camp, service projects, lock-ins, and etc. These activities provide us an opportunity to have fun and work together.

Read The ATTIC Report, a monthly newsletter of our teen ministry with news, notes and a schedule of upcoming activities!

Teen Bible Quizzing

Teen Bible Quizzing allows teens to learn Scripture in a fun and competitive atmosphere. This ministry provides the teens with an opportunity to learn and study selected Scriptures and to compete against other teens in a question and answer style competition. Teen Bible Quizzing is for students 7th grade to 12th grade. The teens travel to different churches each month to compete.